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Information Regarding our Preschool

Dear Prospective Harlansburg Presbyterian Preschool Parents,

Thank you for showing interest in our preschool program! Here is some basic information regarding our preschool.

  • Tuition:

    • 4 & 5 year old M/W/F class

      • Yearly- $945.00

      • Monthly- $105.00

    • 3 & 4 year old T/TR class

      • Yearly- $855.00

      • Monthly- $95.00

    • There will be a 10% discount on the second child for those parents who register more than one child

    • Registration fee for the first child is $35.00, for two or more children it is $50.00

  • Our program is designed to introduce the new learner to a classroom setting and ease his or her way to a more formal education. We start with basics such as standing and walking in a line to more complex such as raising hands and waiting to be called on.

  • We teach both letter recognition and letter sounds for instance, B says “buh” to lead them into basic phonetic reading.

  • We understand that at the early childhood level play is a very important aspect of development and we work on encouraging children to transition from playing next to peers into playing with peers.

  • We teach simple Bible stories such as Noah and faith concepts such as God keeping his promises to build a foundation for a lifetime of faith.

  • We understand that learning happens not just in a classroom but also in everyday life so we schedule at least one field trip per month.

  • Simple occupational therapy concepts are introduced such as putting on coats and holding writing instruments (fine motor skill development) to help guide their way into kindergarten.

If you have any questions, feel free to call the preschool or Ms. Heather (numbers listed below.)

Best regards,

Ms. Heather Muska

Director and Teacher at Harlansburg Presbyterian Preschool

Heather’s number: 412-296-1597

Preschool number: 724-654-3134